Processing of Non-Gluten Cereal Biscuits with the Addition of Oat Flour and Jali Flour (Coix lacryma-jobi L)

ANANINGSIH, VICTORIA KRISTINA Processing of Non-Gluten Cereal Biscuits with the Addition of Oat Flour and Jali Flour (Coix lacryma-jobi L). 1 st SIC International Conference.

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Biscuits are one type of bakery product that is produced by baking dough. The use of jali and oats has begun to be developed as a substitute for flour for bakery products. Jali (Coix lacryma-jobi L) has a high protein content (13 g) and is being widely developed. Oats contain soluble fibre, namely glucan, to slow the increase in blood sugar. In particular, jali and oats do not contain gluten and can be consumed by people with celiac disease. This study aimed to formulate non-gluten biscuits with a combination of oat flour and jali flour. and to determine the physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics of those biscuits. Non-gluten biscuits is made with five formulations, F1 (100% oat flour: jali flour 0%), F2 (60% oat flour: 40% jali flour), F3 (50% oat flour: 50% jali flour), F4 (40% oat flour: 60% jali flour), and F5 (0% oat flour: 100% jali flour). The research started with making biscuits (creaming, mixing, moulding, and baking), then continued with physical testing using a texture analyzer, proximate testing, and a sensory hedonic rating test (30 untrained panellists). Physical testing with the lowest hardness parameter at F1 was 571.67 gf and the highest was at F5 (1549.43 gf). The results of the proximate test of biscuits from the five formulations had a moisture content of 5.64- 5.99%, ash content of 1.76-1.83%, fat content of 0.23%, crude fibre content of 2.26-6.91%, and protein content of 9.04- 11.42%. Based on the sensory test, overall, the F1 biscuitformula was the most preferred by the panelists, with a sensory score of 4 out of 5. The more jali flour is added, the higher the protein content. The best formulation was 60% jali flour and 40% oat flour because the characteristics of texture, taste, color, and aroma were not significantly different from the use of 100% oat flour. Key words: biscuit, jali, non-gluten, oat

Item Type: Article
Subjects: 600 Technology (Applied sciences) > 660 Chemical engineering > 664 Food technology
Depositing User: Ms Kristina Ananingsih
Date Deposited: 02 May 2023 11:17
Last Modified: 02 Dec 2023 15:53

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