Desimasari, Bella Arti (2017) KATNISS EVERDEEN'S JOURNEY AS A HEROINE IN THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY. Other thesis, Unika Soegijapranata Semarang.

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This research looks at the work of Suzanne Collins‘ The Hunger Games Novel Trilogy. The trilogy tells about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in a dystopian future. She lives in a country called Panem which is ruled by a tyrannical leader named President Snow. In his regiment, there is a game called Hunger Games that is held annually. The game involves twenty four teenagers of Panem‘s twelve districts. The teenagers that are chosen randomly to play the game are called tributes. The game requires tributes to kill each other in order to win. Katniss, who lives in district twelve goes on a heroic journey after she chooses to volunteer as a tribute in the game. In her journey she meets people, discovers new places and gain knowledge about the world which she lives in. By going on this journey, she becomes the heroine of Panem and frees the country from tyranny. Katniss‘ character development can be seen as a pattern. A pattern that has existed in myths. Katniss‘ character proves the existence of archetype because what she goes through in her journey conforms to Joseph Campbell‘s Hero‘s Journey theory. The Hero‘s Journey theory is applied to Katniss‘ character through the trilogy to explain how she achieves her title as a heroine. The theory consists of three passages that are divided in the total of seventeen stages. Although there are seventeen stages in the theory, Katniss only goes through sixteen stages. The only stage that Katniss does not experience is the Refusal of the Call at the Departure passage. At the Initiation passage, the plot runs nonconsecutively to Hero‘s Journey stages. Nevertheless, Katniss still experiences the majority sixteen out of the seventeen stages that this amplifies the fact that she is indeed a heroine.

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