Aprianto, Andrean Catur (2017) THE PATTERNS AND PHILOSOPHY OF BATIK BAKARAN IN BAKARAN VILLAGE, JUWANA, CENTRAL JAVA. Other thesis, Unika Soegijapranata Semarang.

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This research focuses on the study of Batik Bakaran. The purpose is to find out the original patterns and philosophies of Batik Bakaran in Juwana, Central Java. The writer categorizes the patterns of Batik Bakaran and finds out the philosophy of each pattern. Batik is a way of decorating cloth by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth (Elliot, 1984). The writer obtained the data by interviewing three informants who have a good understanding of Batik Bakaran. Batik Bakaran is less well-known than Batik Solo and Batik Yogyakarta. The writer found twenty one classic patterns and five penggeden of Batik Bakaran. Those patterns are Sido Luhur, Sido Asih, Sido Mukti, Liris, Padas, Manggar, Nam Kepang, Blarak Sineret, Gringsing Putihan, Gringsing Irengan, Limaran, Magel Ati, Kedele Kecer, Sekar Baru, Kopi Pecah, Blebak, Ladrang, Gandrung, Kawung Sari, Ungker, and Rawan. The penggeden are Lung-Lungan, Buketan, Merak, Urang and Bandeng. Each pattern and penggeden has its own philosophy, such as, abundance, purity, and even disobedience. Most of the batik patterns and their penggeden are passed down from older generation. People in Bakaran still conserve Batik Bakaran because it is a family legacy and they want to keep the uniqueness of this kind of batik. Some batik makers learn about the Batik Bakaran patterns, penggeden and philosophies from oral tradition. However, some also from books, online media, and from district officials who usually invite them for a meeting.

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