Program Book: American Studies International Conference "Local Identity in Globalization"

Dukut, Ekawati Marhaenny (2018) Program Book: American Studies International Conference "Local Identity in Globalization". Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.

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Cultural hybridity exists when a local culture is made hybrid with a foreign culture. The result of the hybrid culture is not clearly demarcated that it becomes uncertain of which culture is originally influencing which culture. Due to the many kinds of U.S. popular culture products that enters Indonesia, the door to globalization entails that an Indonesian product is accepted globally if it fulfills some U.S. characteristics in the making of the product. Taking into consideration of the Z generation, who are digital savvy and of popular culture’s characteristics, which 1) brings satisfaction to its users, 2) is easy to obtain, 3) is eager to please, and 4) is a reflection of society; a U.S. Integrated-Based TOEFL like mobile application that inserts some Javanese scenes in the animation is created and made available for google’s playstore. The product is devised on the basis of the eagerness of raising Indonesian citizens’ English competence through a popularly globalized product, which does not put aside the creator, who is an Indonesian. This paper, which shares the finding that Asian players from Indonesia and Japan see the mobile application product as being valuable in 1) raising their English competence, 2) understanding a foreign culture, and at the same time 3) understanding their local culture, is reported to inspire others to create more local-global digital media innovations by use of cultural hybridity. Keywords: cultural hybridity, digital media, google playstore mobile application, local-global innovation, popular culture

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