Susilorini, Retno (2006) ANALYTICAL REVIEW ON FLEXURAL TOUGHNESS OF FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE. Jurnal Teknik Sipil dan Perencanaan, 1 (8).

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The development of fiber reinforced concrete, which improves some lacks of normal concrete performance, gives great contribution in the future of structural application. Compared to plain concrete, tiber reinforced concrete has some mechanical properties advantages such as: ductility that conespond to energy absorption, impact resistant, tensile and flexural strength, fatigue life, shrinkage, abrasion, fragmentation, and spalling. lt should be noticed that the fiber addition will improve the bending resistance and ductility of concrete. Some methods of testing and calculating of flexural toughness have been adopted by various users. There are some limitations in current techniques of toughness characterization. An important consideration should be attempted in analyzing and implementing the methods of testing and evaluating of the flexural toughness of steel fiber reinforced concrete for better accuracy and flexibility in application. This paper wants to review, @mpare, and discuss about some flexural toughness of fiber reinforced concrete evaluation methods, such as ACI Commitee 544, ASTM C 1018, CMOD, ASTM C 1399, and also the PCSm method. According to the limitations of the methods mentioned above, the PCSm method is suggested to become a simpler and more appropriate one.

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